Frequently Asked Questions

What is my URL & what do I do with it?
Everyone who enters the competition will receive a unique URL that you can share with your friends, family and social network. The URL will be emailed to you and appear on your account page on the website. Share this link by text, email, WhatSapp, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. When someone uses your link to buy a ticket to the raffle you will receive a credit. Once there have been 5 tickets bought through your URL you receive 1 free ticket. 5 credits = 1 free ticket. Remember to log back in to the site to redeem your credits against a new ticket.

We are also rewarding the people who share the most with cash prizes.

1st Place£5,000
2nd Place£3,000
3rd & 4th Place£1,000 each
How do I enter?
Click the enter now button, choose your amount of tickets and make payment. Or follow the instructions below for the postal route.
Who can enter the competition?
The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18. You do not have to be a resident of the UK to enter.
How many times can I enter?
Each person may enter up to 100 times.
How does it work?
You will be assigned a ticket number for every entry in to the competition. These numbers will be emailed to you and will appear in your account page on the website.
How much are the tickets?
£2.00 each. You can also use our postal route.
Do I have to be over 18?
What happens if someone makes a bid for the house during the competition?
The house is not for sale, it is only available in the competition. Any offers for the property will be rejected.
How will the prize be drawn?
Drawn using one or multiple ball machines. We don’t like the digital random number generators. We feel the ball machines make for a better draw.
When will the winner be notified?
We will attempt to notify the winner the day of the live draw and make arrangements for transfer directly with them.
Is this competition legal?
Yes. This has been scrutinised by a solicitor, who has confirmed that the prize competition is legal, and that no license is required to operate it in Great Britain. There is also a free draw, please see T&Cs for details.
Can the winner sell the property?
Yes, the property will be legally theirs, so they can do what they please with it.
Will the winner have to pay stamp duty or a mortgage?
What if we sell less tickets than our target?
We will do everything to make sure this competition is a complete success, however, we will not be able to award 9 Brincliffe Hill and the £5,000 cash prize if we do not reach the minimum threshold of 200,000 entries. In this unlikely scenario we will award the winner a cash prize totalling the sum of the ticket sales minus 30% for administration fees. Eg if we sell 100,000 tickets the winner will receive £140,000.
Is the property leasehold or freehold?
Can I enter if I live outside of the UK?
Yes. You do not have to live in the UK to enter.
Why is this house being given away; is something wrong with it?
There is nothing wrong with this house. We just wish to try something different and support some worthy causes along the way.
Do we offer a postal route?
We allow free written entries by 1st class post. All entries either paid or free will be treated equally.
Who owns this house?
The house is owned by me, Patricia Turedi and has been since 2010.

Postal Route